In brief…

Since I know I’ve been quiet of late, let me just hit a few highlights now, some of which I may expound upon later.

Tired is the basic state of existence right now.  And busy.  I’m calling our insurance company seemingly every day, so add frustrated to that.  Will be glad of the day when the mail doesn’t routinely contain a medical bill or statement of some sort.

Agent Murphy has had a veritable explosion in verbalizing, which is very good and lots of fun for us.  But he still has lots of work to do.

I have thus far managed to get Cardinal Cadette’s contact lenses in and out as needed.  Initially she had extended wear lenses so I was only dealing with them once a week, for which I was greatly relieved.  But that size wasn’t working for her and the size she needed to move to isn’t available in extended wear.  So as of Friday afternoon we’re dealing with them daily.  I guess at least we’ll get used to it more quickly this way.  Right now, we’re still at she cries, I cry…  Also on Friday afternoon we learned the Cardinal will have to have another surgery on her left eye — which means another overnight in the hospital for the two of us.  If her doctor has his druthers, the surgery will be this Thursday.  I guess if that doesn’t work, it’ll be next Thursday.  I have to talk to the surgical coordinator on Monday, and then we have to figure out what to do with Agent Murphy during the times I’m at the hospital and Mr. Tldz has to be at work.

Yesterday we had the complete baptismal rite for Cardinal Cadette, to round out the basic sacrament she received on July 4.  It was a nice afternoon visiting with a few friends.  Some were unable to join us due to other commitments, and some we never heard back from — including people who always respond one way or the other — so we’re hoping our e-mail invitations actually reached everyone we sent them to.  We are very glad Grandma and Aunt Katherine (the Cadette’s godmother) were able to be here from Chicago.

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  1. Nicole Says:

    Sorry that we did not make it…I got sick over the weekend and things just fell apart…Glad to hear that it was a good time!