Surgery #2

We made it through the left eye, too, and got home a little after 9:00 this morning.  Cardinal Cadette managed to get her dressing and eye shield off this time almost immediately after getting to our post-surgery observation room.  I told the nurses Dr. Lipsky wanted to be called if she got the dressing off, so they did and he ordered that she go ahead an begin the eye drop regimen.

We’d been doing pretty well with the drops at home.  My technique got better and it was going along pretty well.  Then Tuesday or Wednesday the Cadette decided she’d had enough, and now she’s really clenching her eye shut and fighting me a lot.  It’s really unfortunate, too, because the left eye looks more sore and tender to me after surgery than the right eye did.  Maybe it’s just that she got the dressing off so soon.  It also looks more goopy than the right eye did.  But Dr. Lipsky examined her this morning and said the eye looks good and just to watch it. If the discharge increases, we’re supposed to call him.  Otherwise, we’ll see him in the office in a week.  Her contacts may be in by then, too.  (He was ordering them as he was walking down the hall after surgery to come talk to me.)  Heaven help me, we’ll see if I can get the contacts in her eyes.  He’s commented on how small her eyes are, even relative to other babies.  I guess I’ll have to pick my poison: try to do contact lenses when she fights me even on drops, or try to keep heavy glasses on her when she won’t even keep the little eye shield on.

Dr. Lipsky said that in 20 years he hasn’t had an infant get the shield off so quickly.  And while he was examining her this morning he commented that it’s amazing how much control she has already of her arms and hands.  Makes it challenging for us!


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  1. RW Says:

    She has a career as an escape artist ahead…