Cardinal Cadette is home!

The Cardinal did fine with her overnight feedings last night, so she was cleared to come home today.  Mr. Tldz and I went in to the hospital around 11:30 this morning, in time to get her ready for her noon feeding.  We got our discharge information, she got all those ridiculous wires and monitors removed, we got her dressed in her coming home duck outfit, packed up all our stuff, and headed home.  We arrived around 1:30.  Agent Murphy was napping, so we were able to get the Cadette a little settled.  She spent some time in her bassinet and her swing, then had a bottle from Daddy on the couch, during which Agent Murphy gave her two kisses and The Dog sniffed her head.  Then she spent some time in her pack n play bassinet in the dining room, before returning to her bassinet in Mommy and Daddy’s room.  Soon it’ll be time to get her up for her next meal.

Our future for the next few weeks will be feedings and sleeping in snatches where possible, punctuated by a series of doctor’s appointments.  But it’s good to have our little girl home!


2 Responses to “Cardinal Cadette is home!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    So happy for you all! I will try to get over there tonight to drop of the tea and the sheets. Life has been crazy over here for the last little while.

  2. Mischelle Curtin Says:

    How exciting, the whole family together at last!